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Watch Proper Exposure in the Snow - Photography Quick Tip #11 on YouTube

Everyone has done it, even me back in the day. An inch or two of fresh snow has fallen and its the perfect time to go out and take a few photographs. I go out, relying on my trusty meter to give me good exposures. I then get back, so excited with what I had captured only to find out everything is at least 2 stops underexposed. Oh No! Find out how to fix it in the video. Enjoy!

Church in the Snow

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0 # Nick 2012-02-15 15:16
that is a constant for me here in Canada, Snow everywhere and it didn't take long to figure that I needed to bump up my exposure the shadows turned black as did all my greens at first I thought it was the camera! Now I am guilty of not using my histogram... As I am just beg gaining to understand the histograms graphic nature. These tips are excellent for I/E thanks for making them.
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0 # Jeff Wood 2012-02-15 15:18
Thanks for all the great tips. Keep up the great job!
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