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Episode #12 of Keep Shooting! Monday - Help, my photos are out of focus!

Watch Color Space, What Camera or Lens to Buy, Out of Focus Photos on YouTube

Canon released two new DSLRs, the T5i and SL1. Watch the video for their major specs and see if I recommend them. I use a compact surge protector from Philips, and answered questions about out of focus images, what camera or lens to buy, where I got the inspiration for my logo, what picture styles I use and why you should use ProPhoto RGB color space when your lab only uses sRGB.

Two photography posts caught my eye this week. The first was a video by SLR Lounge about how to use the histogram in Adobe Lightroom. The other was a chilling story and photographs from the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Photographer Roger Sieber captured some amazing images from the surrounding scene in Sandy Hook. The story is well worth the read, head over to Petapixel for the story. Keep shooting!

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0 # Melvin 2013-03-30 10:27
Hello Greg. Was it this site that offered a mentor package around Christmas time? If it is, can you point me to it. I cant seem to find it.
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0 # Gregory Cazillo 2013-04-02 11:38
Head over to the store and look for Coaching.
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