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KS!M #23...did you watch it live?

Watch New Lightroom 5, My Epson Printers & Tons of #Cazillion Questions on YouTube

Today I tested the YouTube Live streaming platform for the first time. Its nice to have different shots setup with single camera and picture in picture, but in the future I need to setup a second computer to run the video feed and one for me to use with Lightroom. It was too slow...hopefully the video wasn't choppy.

Today's show I launched Lightroom 5 for the first time after installing it and showed you how to upgrade your catalog from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5. I also answered a bunch of questions on autofocus, why I prefer Nikon, how often I clean my camera's sensor just to name a few. Finally I spoke briefly about my Epson printers, what I use them for and also the Summertime photo assignment. The new assignment is anything you want, just show me the difference before & after. Key is only edit the photo in Lightroom! Post your photos here Keep shooting!

Julie 06.01.2013 - 14.10.17 [SHR_4312].jpg#1 by Tim IMG_6637#2 by Ben Kayaking#3 by Parker

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