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Its time to announce a winner!  HUGE thanks to BlackRapid and ThinkTank Photo for sponsoring my first contest and book/tshirt launch.  Its been great working with sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter! 

ThinkTank Photo:  or

BlackRapid:  or

Announcement is coming soon...LIVE show at 6PM September 21st!  Get your photo questions answered PLUS the contest winners will be announced!  If you can't be there be sure to come back here, I'll post the video afterwards.

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0 # Jim 2011-09-23 20:31
During the show someone asked about going door-to-door in their neighborhood to advertise that they create photographs and you advised against it. I agree and I have an idea and want to share with everyone as an alternative.

My idea is to use Halloween as a time to get the word out. Take pictures of the children as they come up to your door and hand out cards with your information including the website where they can see the shots taken.

You may get several good leads from those shots, not only from the families but also their friends if they direct them to your site to see those pictures. With it being a little over a month away hopefully will give enough time to get this together for those that want ot try it.
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