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Question of the week: What accidents have you had while creating photographs?

Watch Photographer's Safety & Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket Review on YouTube

The safety queen was with us today! Kathy went over a laundry list of items we need to be cautious of as photographers. The final segment was a new product from ThinkTank Photo, the Modular Pixel Pocket Rocket which you can wear around your neck or on your belt. It holds up to 9 memory cards and your photo creds or business cards. You can purchase the new ModPPR here Other items were a really expensive Hasse, D600 service advisory from Nikon, general tips on getting better at photography, and a really poorly done video on crop factor. Keep Shooting!

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0 # El Prezidente 2014-03-31 23:11
The photo behind you is crooked and driving me crazy!!! Is this a cross-LeTip video?!?

Nice work!
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