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15 tips to improve your pet photography! Question of the Week: What is your pet's name?

Watch Pet Photography Tips - Part 1 on YouTube

Below is our list of 15+ pet photography tips. Do you have any more? Comment below! The next Keep Shooting! Photo assignment sponsored by Epson is due on September 26th by 5pm Eastern Keep shooting!

  1. Get to know the dog first
  2. Show them your camera
  3. Have lots of treats available (to make friends and bribe)
  4. Do some grooming
    1. Brush
    2. Eye goop/stains
    3. Partner with a pet groomer!
  5. Take off tags, harness, collar if desired and dog is contained
  6. Use leash if necessary
  7. Have an assistant
  8. Focus on Eyes
    1. Pay attention to aperture and focus points
  9. Try both posed and natural shots
    1. Don’t have too many preconceived notions
  10. Props
    1. Squeeky toys work great
    2. Have owner bring favorite toy that they hid from the pet for a while
  11. Honey on nose to get them to lick it
  12. Bark, make noise, squeaky toys, treats
  14. Dress comfortably and in something you don’t mind getting slobbered on
  15. MOVE - shoot high, low
  16. Safety first

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0 # kim mobley 2014-08-26 20:22
I look forward to the rest of the tips series. How do I submit pictures?
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0 # Neil Jackman 2014-08-26 23:31
To add to your #3 tip, I would suggest using the dog owners own treats as their dog may not do well with other people's treats if you bring your own. I'm saying this as a dog owner of the Yorky. My dog ends up with the runs if he eats unusual treats. Just a suggestion. Thanks Neil Jackman. To add to this comment do the photos have to have been taken on a specific date to submit them to the pet photo contest?
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