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5. Step Up with Your Own Website (It's Not Scary!)

Please, please set up your OWN website rather than using a service like or which will give you an unprofessional address like  Using such services seems like good option initially because it's inexpensive, easy and flashy, but you will outgrow it quickly and wish you did it right from the beginning.

Here's what will happen. You work your butt off promoting your photography, sending everyone to your "starter" website. As your popularity grows your raving fans will put back links on their blogs and social media outlets because they love your photos. At this point you realize you need more features (such as a blog) and are tired of sending someone else a percentage of your hard earned money and it's time to step up and play with the big boys/girls. Being a Big Boy or Girl on the web means stepping up your game with a real website that gives you a more professional image that fits your style and meets your expectations.

FREE Photography Ebook!

@Cazillo Newsletter #Cazillions Forum Email #Cazillion Special Offers


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