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Thought about buying a photo printer? This is the perfect starter model!

Watch Epson SureColor P400 Photo Printer Review on YouTube

Epson hit it out of the park again with this entry level photo printer! Very compact, but full of quality and features. This is the perfect photo printer for someone just getting into inkjet printing because of its price, features, and ease of use. Watch the full review in the video above. Keep shooting!

Video Transcript

Hello Everyone my name is Greg Cazillo from and I am reviewing the Epson SureColor P400 Photo Printer. In the last two years Epson has renewed their entire line of desktop photo printers with a new ink set, better print reproduction, lower cost and added features. Printing your photos is a great way to relive your memories, keep images from being forgotten, and to show off your amazing photographs by hanging them on the wall.

First, who is this printer for?  There are 3 desktop printers in the SureColor P Series line, the P400, P600 and P800. The P400 is perfect for first time users who do not currently own a photo printer. Another consideration is how often the printer is to be used. If you print infrequently and will use it less than 20% of the time to print black and white images then this printer is perfect. The P400 is forgiving with regards to how often you use it and also has less expensive inks compared to the R2000 printer it replaced. If you will be printing more often, or want more advanced features to print black and white then the P600 might be a better choice. The P800 is for the advanced photographer and professional that will be using it weekly for larger prints up to 17 inches wide.

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What other features does the P400 have you might ask? Lets start off with the output types. You can choose from glossy, matte, or luster papers up to 13 inches wide by 19 inches long in cut sheets & many sizes are borderless. Prints made with roll papers can be up to 129 inches long for huge panoramas. You can also print on CDs and DVDs, canvas papers, fine art papers and many other third party papers like inkjet greeting cards. If you would like to save money on paper I suggest buying 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet and cutting it to size before printing. This will save time and give you a more accurate cut.

The inks are 14ml each, which is intentional to keep them from going bad. Epson's goal was to lower the cartridge cost but still keep the quality, 100 year color print longevity, and reliability they are known for. The printer has a print head capping system to keep out dust while not in use.

The next set of features we should go over is connectivity. Most people will want to use wifi to connect their printer to their home network so that any computer or mobile device can use it. The P400 also has an ethernet port and USB port if either of those are more convenient. You can use just about any application on your Mac or PC like Photoshop, Lightroom, Photos or many other desktop apps to print from. The P400 can also print from your mobile devices with Epson iPrint app for iOS and Android. You now have zero excuse not to print and share your memories with family and friends!

Now that we have learned more about the printer, how well does it work and what do the prints look like? Color prints are basically indistinguishable between P400 and P800. In some tests I could see slightly more intense reds and oranges since the P400 has dedicated inks for those colors. Overall its color reproduction is great, especially glossy prints with gloss optimizer.

When printing black and white I ran a few additional tests since the first print had a very slight blueish hue in the sky. I definitely would not have noticed it if I hadn't been able to compare it to the P800 print. As you see here I changed up settings in the printer driver box but ended up with black and white prints that were on the cool or cyan side. This contrasts with the P800 printer which will give me a fully neutral black and white print even when sending the file as a color image. With additional testing and calibration I am confident that I could get a fully neutral black and white print from the P400, but since I have other options I would stick with using the P800 for those prints. I'm sure this is why Epson suggests the P600 or P800 printer if you would like very neutral black and white prints or print a higher volume of black and whites.

After using this printer for a few months I have found that it is largely frustration free and and an overall great photo printer. The first time I used it was on location at an event I was photographing and the first prints came out perfectly. The quality of the P400 is more forgiving when printing from lower resolution images like if you heavily cropped a photo.

The only issue I have had was initial setup which can be challenging since the P400 does not have a screen. I was not near a store with USB cables and the wifi was not working since it I was on a public network that 1000s of event attendees were using and made it crash. So my only two options were ethernet or usb, I ended up using an ethernet cable and setting up an ad-hoc network on my MacBook since the P400 does not come with a USB cable. Also you must use the installer if you plan on moving the printer or changing your network settings. Epson has a few videos which can help with setup and use on their website that will be linked in the video description.

Before I go lets talk a little about printer care. I will be doing an extended video on Epson Photo Printer care very soon.  The best thing you can do with your printer to make sure it lasts for years of frustration free printing is to use it often. Make sure you print from it at least monthly, preferably weekly. When not using the printer turn it off, remove the paper, and close all compartments. Make sure to store your paper inside of its envelope or box, not out in the open allowing it to collect dust. You should not print in low humidity or high heat conditions.

Overall this is a great photo printer and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it or any of the Epson SureColor printer line. Please use the link below to purchase the Epson SureColor P400 printer and support this channel. If you liked this video please subscribe for more photography content and reviews. Keep Shooting!

Epson SureColor P400 Photo Printer Review

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