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Adobe Lightroom is the ultimate in Digital Asset Management and RAW conversions. It is such an advanced application you can easily get lost or stuff a bit messed up. Today's question is about how to combine catalogs, use them in a master/slave config when working on multiple computers with the same photos, and moving photos from one drive to another in the same catalog. Any questions? Comment below and keep shooting!

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Eyes Eyes by Cazillo, on Flickr

Greg saw your video awhile ago on working with lr catalogs and backups. To say the least I'm still confused as hell. I have catalogs on my desktop somewhere, catalogs on my external drive. I'm lost :-( was wondering if you could make an updated youtube vid or maybe blog post on how to deal with this issue.

Also with pictures catalogs now speard across 2 diff drives is there a way to pull everything together?  For the most part the actuall pics live in my lightroom picture folder on my external drive. Should I make a new catalog one or twice a year. I'm not a super heavy shooter. ie no weddings some events, mostly fashion type stuff.  What's the best way to avoid having catalogs all over the place?

If you can thanks a million Greg





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