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Whoolio joined us today announcing our 7 Weeks of Christmas Photo Contest! PLUS Tweet this video, mentioning @Cazillo and hashtag #KeepShooting you could win a BlackRapid Strap!

Watch 7 Weeks of Christmas Photo Contest - Win an Epson Printer! on YouTube

Greg & Kathy started off the show wrapping up their trip to NYC and the PhotoPlus Expo. About 23 videos later including BlackRapid, Borrowlenses, Lensbaby, Lens Flipper, Miller's, Photoflex, Simply Color Labs, Sony, ThinkTank, 3 Legged Thing, Epson, Artisan Albums, Datacolor, Hahnemühle, Elinchrom, Manfrotto, Sigma, Tamron, Tether Tools and Wacom.

In the second segment they announced the 7 Weeks of Christmas Photo Contest. Complete rules are on the second page, the short version is below. You could win an Epson Printer or a ThinkTank Camera Bag! Keep shooting!

  • Each WEEK giving away something
    • This week whomever retweets the video is entered to win Black Rapid Strap
    • Must mention @Cazillo and hashtag #KeepShooting
  • Three categories: portrait (can be anything), landscape, black and white
  • Photo had to be taken in 2014
  • Picking top three from each category, so we'll have 9 images selected to win 16x20 prints as well as a chance to win one of three huge prizes
    • 3rd Airport Security from Think Tank
    • 2nd Epson R2000 $600+ printer
    • 1st Epson 3880 $1,000 printer

So how do I submit a photo, you may ask???

  • FB - post to
  • Twitter - tweet it out and mention @cazillo and #keepshooting
  • Google+ - tag Greg (+gregorycazillo) and #keepshooting

Go to for full contest rules.

7 Weeks of Christmas Photo Contest - Win an Epson Printer!

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0 # Thomas Morrow 2014-11-13 19:59
Really stoked about his contest.
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0 # RALPH DOCIMO 2014-11-19 13:12
Regarding your comments about doing gratis work, I agree that a magazine or local newspaper should pay you something. Where I have a problem is where do you draw the line with friends and family. For most of us photography is a hobby and not our main livelyhood. For family and close friends I usually just ask for compensation for ink and paper and my labor is gratis.
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0 # John Jones 2014-11-25 22:50
Is there any restriction on location? Specifically are Canadian viewers eligible to enter?
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0 # Gregory Cazillo 2014-11-28 15:50
As long as we can ship to you via Fedex then it should be fine.
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0 # Rajee Pandi 2014-11-27 00:05
Love to win
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0 # ISI 2014-12-18 19:58
how many photos we have to submit?
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