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Special snowy edition!

Watch B&W Winners, Shooting in The Snow & Epson Update on YouTube

I love the snow! Its really coming down today so I thought I would shoot outside. I went over the B&W Assignment Winners, talked about shooting in the snow and gave an Epson update. Keep Shooting!

Epson Questions

What are optimum PPI settings for ACR/Lightroom?

The native resolution of the printer is 180 PPI, so 180 or 360 PPI are resolutions that yield the best prints.  That being said, especially with the 1.5 picoliter minimum droplet of the R2000, it's exceptionally difficult see differences in anything over 270 PPI.  Typically it is best to use 360 or 270 (factors of 90) for prints ranging up to 8x10 or Letter, and 180 PPI for 11x14, 13x19 or 13x(up to 129 or 44) panos.

Grayscale Option: Mac and PC

Grayscale option is available on Mac – please find instructions for both Mac and PC here. Users can get an exceptionally neutral black-and-white image from the R2000 by using a media like Premium Photo Paper Semigloss or Luster.  Just use the Epson ICC profile for that specific media, select "Best Photo" for print quality, and turn off high-speed.  There are also Color Management Workflow videos and a Guide available on the Epson Support page at:

Paper jam/load issues when using matte paper

First and foremost, users must make sure to not overfill the sheet feeder.  Depending on the size, the Auto Sheet Feeder (ASF) can hold anywhere from 5-30 sheets of heavier matte paper.  All thick, fine art paper should be fed using the Single Sheet Guide in the Manual Rear paper feed, one at a time.  

Instead of fanning, perhaps try to "jog" the paper instead. In addition, whenever printing matte surface papers in the ASF, you should use Epson Ink Jet Cleaning Sheets to help keep the paper feed mechanism running smoothly.  Regardless of media type, this is a good periodic maintenance for the printer.  If you print a lot, try using a cleaning sheet once a month.  If the printer is used less frequently, use one every three to six months.  The General Printer Maintenance video is a good resource.

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+1 # Lance 2014-02-03 16:24
Sorry...the bridge is the "verrazano bridge" connecting staten island ny to brooklyn ny.
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+1 # Larry kuykendall 2014-02-04 09:28
What was the device you used to hold the ipad to the stand during the ppi discussion?
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0 # Gregory Cazillo 2014-02-04 10:05
Quoting Larry kuykendall:
What was the device you used to hold the ipad to the stand during the ppi discussion?

Its a cheapo holder from ebay...I'll talk about it in next week's show.
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+1 # dakedostorm 2014-02-18 06:48
Congratulations to the 5 finalists. All are great captures, and very inspirational.
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