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Question of the Week: How did you get started in Photography? First camera?

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Greg & Kathy answered a few questions about how they got started in photography and what the best methods are for exporting photos for prints. Keep shooting!

  • Lightroom + RAW > Print @ 270 PPI to your Epson Printer
  • Lightroom + RAW > Edit in Photoshop as PSD file 4k-5k Long Side @270 PPI for Epson Printers. Reimport PSD file to LR and Print from Print Module
  • Lightroom + RAW > Photo Lab 4k-5k Long Side @240 or Whatever your lab specs
Win a Epson Printer or ThinkTank Camera Bag! Plus Win Organic Bloom Frame This Week Only!

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0 # Mike Rosario 2014-12-02 16:09
I bought my stepdaughter a Nikon D5000 for a christmas which for most of the time stayed in the case and she never used it, then I deployed to afghanistan and when it was time to come back I was ready to retire from the army and I needed a hobby so since the camera was right there and it has 2 lenses I decided that to be my new hobby then I decided to go back to college to finish a degree and I thought since I was getting back might as well study something I like. For the last 2 years this isit
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0 # Bill Malik 2014-12-03 18:01
I got started in photography in the 70's with a new Pentex ME 35mm. Progressed to medium format after photo classes and eventually to a Canon t5i with lenses and studio lights collected over the years. Looking at retirement and the excitement of possibly doing photog full time. How exciting is that?, maybe a chance to do something you really love and not having enough hours in a day to get to everything you want because you enjoy it so much.. Can't wait!
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0 # Joseph DeMari 2014-12-03 21:39
My first camera was around the age of 8, it was a Kodak X-35 and it used the Magic Cubes for flash. Later I moved on to a Yashica MG-1, Canon AE-1 Program, Canon A2E, Elan 7e, 10D and 60D. I've always had a passion for capturing the moment. It makes me smile to see my children taking a interest in photography.
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0 # Chaz 2014-12-03 23:05
As a kid I was amazed by what you could do with a camera. I was the kid that always wanted to run the school projector or interview kids with my James Bond style tape recorder. With Browne Cameras then Instamatic film cameras, I shot a lot of B&W film then. I loved working with pictures so much I did a science project on developing film in junior high. 1974 bought a 35mm SLR a Miranda RE-2. Now I have a Canon D50 with several lenses. Hope to retire in a couple years and enjoy what I Love. Photg
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0 # David Christman 2014-12-03 23:52
I bought a van and a Canon AE-1 and traveled all over the country taking photos of the cool places I saw, like New York, New Orleans, Los Angles, San Francisco, and the Grand Canyon.
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